2 Benefits Of Using A Firearm Merchant Account Service For Your Business

If you own and operate a small gun shop, you may be thinking about taking steps toward expanding your business. You may be thinking about offering credit card payments as an option. Or you may be considering introducing internet sales to expand your customer base. Whatever your goals, you will need to have a specialized account service. Below are a couple of the benefits of using a firearm merchant account service to handle your in-store and/or online payments.

1.  Lower Fees and Fewer Freezes for Your High-Risk Account

One potential problem that you may face with your gun sales business is that many credit card processors will want to charge you higher fee amounts for your sales. You may also find that purchases may show up as fraudulent and cause a freeze on your account even if the transaction was legitimate. Both of these issues arise because your business sells what these companies consider to be high-risk merchandise. 

However, if you choose a merchant account service that deals solely with firearm and ammunition sales, they can usually offer you lower fees. Also, their monitoring is not as strict as other credit card processing companies, which helps to reduce the risk that your account will be inadvertently frozen because of a purchase transaction or chargeback from refunds.

2.  Full Integration With Your Current Credit Card Processor

Another benefit of using an account service that deals with firearm merchants is that they typically provide full integration with your current payment processor and equipment. If you decide to use a standard processing company, they will most likely want you to switch your service as well as purchase and use their equipment.

However, once you set up a firearm merchant account with a dedicated service, they will work with you so that you can continue to use your current processor and equipment. Being able to do so will not only help save you money, but it will also save you time because you won't have to switch the bookkeeping and account information for your business.

If you are ready to either expand your brick-and-mortar business or start selling guns and ammunition online, being able to use a payment processor that is focused on the types of wares you will be offering can help you reach your goals. Contact a financing company that offers firearm merchant account services to speak with a representative about your business goals as well as to discuss any available options.

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