Real Estate Investment: What Are Your Options?

Investing in real estate is something that more and more people are considering. While there is a lot of money to be made in the real estate market, it doesn't mean that it is easy, and it goes beyond making a simple purchase. In order to be truly successful at real estate investing, you must first understand the various investment options that are available to you as a potential investor. Whether you want to do it as a side job or make it into a career, here are three ways you can invest:

1. Basic Rental Properties

If you're just starting out with real estate investment, then you may want to consider investing in a basic rental property. Basically, you will purchase a home and then rent it out to someone with a contract. As the owner, you are the landlord. You will be fully responsible for ensuring that the mortgage on the house, if there is one, is paid on time each month and that the property is properly maintained. Therefore, you will need to make sure that the monthly rent that you charge your tenant is enough to cover any costs associated with the upkeep of the property, including the mortgage.

2. Real Estate Investment Groups

If you aren't to keen on having to maintain a mortgage payment and maintenance on a piece of property, then you may want to consider going into business with a real estate investment group. These are companies that purchase – or sometimes build from the ground up – a set of condominiums, apartments or multi-family buildings. They will then allow real estate investors to purchase these through them. It is possible to purchase just one unit or multiple units. The thing with this particular route is that the group will maintain the unit(s) – including advertising, maintenance, background checks, evictions, etc. – and will simply take a percentage out of the rent each month for those services.

3. Real Estate Trading

A third option is one that could potentially take some more work on your part, but it could prove to be lucrative if you know what you're doing. Real estate trading is often referred to as flipping properties. You will purchase a home that needs work or is undervalued, spruce it up a bit and place it back on the market in a few months in order to obtain an easy profit on the house.

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