Keep Your Mobile Banking Secure By Implementing These 6 Tips

One of the many advantages of smartphones is that you can do your banking through them without ever stepping foot inside of an actual branch of your bank. However, using mobile banking applications also opens up the potential that your account could become compromised. Here are a six tips that you can implement to ensure that your mobile bank is as safe and secure as possible.

Password Protect Your Phone

The first step towards keeping your mobile banking application safe is to engage the password protect option on your phone. That way, if you ever lose your phone or if you leave your phone unattended, no one else can get onto your phone and into your applications. 

Make sure that your password is not related to anything that someone could easily decipher. Additionally, make sure that you change up the password to your phone every couple of months. The longer you keep your password, the higher the chance that someone could figure out what you are typing and get into your phone.

Use Different Passwords

Don't use the same password to unlock your phone and for your mobile banking application. Your passwords for each of these should be separate and not related to one another. If someone is able to take your phone and break through your phone password, they will have to figure out an entirely different password in order to break into your mobile banking application.

Don't Store Your Password On Your Phone

Next, don't store your password for your mobile banking application on your phone. All it would take for someone to break into your bank account was access to your phone and a few minutes to look around your note-taking applications in order to have access to your money.

You also should not email your mobile banking password to yourself; if someone broke into your email account, they could easily use that information to steal your money.

Don't Use Obvious Answers For Security Questions

Don't provide the obvious answer for the security questions that allow you to reset your password. It doesn't take much investigation to figure out where you went to elementary school or what your brother's middle name is. 

Instead, provide unexpected answers to these questions. For example, if one of your security questions is "What is your mother's maiden name?", instead of putting your mother's actual maiden name as the answer, put down the name of your favorite flower followed by a few random numbers, such as 2daisy84; this will be much more difficult for someone to hack. 

Don't Use Public Hotspots When Accessing Banking Information

When you need to access your mobile banking application, make sure that you are using your own wi-fi. Don't use public hotspots or unsecured wi-fi to access your banking information; someone could get on that unsecured network and track the password and information you enter and use it to access your account at a later time.

It is always best to access your banking information using your own secure wifi signal. 

Always Sign Out When You Are Done

Don't leave your banking applications open all the time. After you are done using your mobile banking application, be sure to sign out. 

Mobile banking applications can be a very convenient way to accomplish your banking needs; just make sure that you are protecting your banking information by implementing the six tips discussed above. For more information, contact your bank, like Juniata Valley Bank.

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