How To Earn The Most From Your Copper Scrap Metal

Copper is one of the most lucrative metals to sell. But if you want to maximize your profit, there are a few ways that you can further motivate the copper recycling business to give you better rates.

Sell At The Right Location

The location where you sell your copper scrap metal will affect how much recyclers are willing to pay for the metal. Some scrap metal is simply more valuable in some regions than in others due to greater demand and a shorter supply. The worst locations to sell copper metal is rural areas, while the best locations are those nearby refineries and coastal areas. It will simply be less expensive to transport your scrap metal, allowing for more profits to be passed onto you.

Pay Attention To Copper Prices

While copper tends to be valuable in general, the price of copper can also fluctuate. In general, scrap metal prices fall in the summer and rise in the winter. If you do not need cash immediately, you might want to consider waiting until there is a surge in the demand for copper. Also, if you wait longer, you will have time to accumulate more copper and you will then be able to sell your haul for a better price. The larger the quantity, the more you will earn per pound in addition to overall.

Sell To A Scrap Yard Nearby A Mill

If you live near a mill, you can earn more money through mill-direct pricing. A nearby copper recycler will likely be working directly with the mill and will have a better sense of exactly what quality of copper the mill demands. The lower transportation costs due to the closer proximity also leads to profits being passed onto you.

Take Care Of Your Copper

When allowing your scrap pile to build up, choose a location where you can store your copper. This should be a clean and dry location that will prevent your copper from becoming dirty. Then, you would have to send time and money cleaning it to avoid reducing the value of your haul. The more your copper degrades, the less it is worth.

Take time to inventory everything you have and weigh it. This will help you decide on when you are willing to travel to the scrapyard to receive the largest payout by selling in bulk.

If you do not want to make a trip, but you have a large pipe of copper, contact the recycler and ask if he or she would be willing to come to your property. Many businesses are willing to give an estimate if they only need to make a short trip. If you have spare copper laying around, contact a business such as Sackin Metals.   

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